Policy Research Department

The Policy Research Department conducts research and investigation activities from the viewpoint of policy on various issues which the Japanese economy and society will face in the future and works to provide high-quality information and unerring suggestions.

Major research themes

Tackling various policy issues the Japanese economy and society will face

Japan’s population, which has continued to increase steadily since World War II, turned to decrease in 2005. Accordingly, Japan became a “super-aging society” in 2007 ahead of the rest of the world with the proportion of people aged 65 years and older to the total population (elderly population rate) reaching 21%. The productive-age population, which forms the core of our nation’s work force, has been decreasing since reaching its peak in 1995, causing the sustainable increase in labor, an important factor in supporting economic growth, to be no longer expected. The time has come to conceive a truly bold yet highly workable policy management as there is no time to lose in addressing these structural issues.

We closely analyze from unique viewpoints structural problems our nation faces based on the insight and know-how on economic/social policy research we have accumulated to date, and work to provide higher-quality information and unerring suggestions.

Delivering highly workable policy suggestions

We provide suggestions and convey opinions related to policy by participating in advisory councils held by public offices, local governments, economic organizations and other entities as well as through being entrusted with conducting research and surveys for such governmental/business entities. The fields of policy we tackle vary widely from financial issues to social welfare, medical treatment and regional revitalization, and our highly professional researchers implement surveys and conduct analysis from their original viewpoints. Based on knowledge and experience gained through such research and investigation activities, we deliver highly workable policy suggestions.

Major research themes

・Growth strategy (Japan Revitalization Strategy, Society 5.0, etc.)

・Reform strategy (public finance, administration, social welfare, education, labor, regional revitalization/ decentralization, etc.)

・Finance/ insurance innovation (FINTECH, etc.)