Insurance Research Department

Advances in insurance befitting the think tank of a world-class insurer

Major research themes
・Accounting, actuarial, taxation, and legislative issues of life insurance
・Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility of life insurers
・Social security and private insurance
・Consulting on insurance and kyosai plans
・Insurance and retirement consulting for enterprise doing business in emerging markets
・Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and integrated reporting

Insurance in the era of aging and globalization

Over the past century, Japan's insurance market has developed into the world's second largest market. Recently, however, due to environmental factors such as further aging and decrease in the nation’s population, Japan’s insurance market is approaching a major turning point. Moreover, competition has intensified as new players step in and innovative products are released. For consumers, this new era is a mixed blessing as they must sift through mountains of information and choose the right coverage.

As one of the few domestic research institutes specializing in insurance, we have experienced professional staff and an extensive knowledge base. Our research activities encompass legal, accounting, actuarial and tax issues surrounding insurance. Always perceptive to signs of change at the global level, we disseminate our knowledge widely.

Consulting on insurance and kyosai plans

The aging of society complicates the management of insurance and kyosai (mutual aid cooperative) plans. Our research staff, which includes chartered members of the Institute of Actuaries of Japan as well as experienced veterans of the insurance business, provides tailored solutions in the following areas.

・Income-expenditure analysis and forecasting

・Balance sheet analysis

・Solvency margin ratio calculation

・Product category revision

・Improvement of asset management

We welcome inquiries and will gladly discuss your specific consulting needs.

Business support in emerging markets

Enterprises doing business in emerging markets such as China and ASEAN member states often face difficulties when locally seeking insurance and retirement coverage, as well as in designing benefits for employees. We also offer expert solutions in these areas.