Growth Prospects for the Newly Formed J-REIT Market

Toru Matsumura 

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For the newly formed real estate investment trust (J-REIT)1market to win the appeal and acceptance ofinvestors, the most critical factor is for the market to grow in size. This paper examines key factors thatwill influence the market’s growth, and looks ahead at the market's future prospects.

1. REIT, which stands for real estate investment trust, is a leading real estate securitization product in the U.S.The market surged from 1993, reaching a valuation of $144 billion as of September 2001. REITs are listed onsecurities markets and are highly liquid, making them popular among both institutional and individualinvestors. Japan's real estate investment trusts (J-REITs) are basically modeled after REITs, and anticipated toachieve comparable growth.

Toru Matsumura

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