Expectations for NPOs in Urban Revitalization - Lessons from Community Development Organizations in the U.S.

Social Development Research Department  Director Fumio Shinohara 


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Introduction - After the Demise of the Urban Development Corporation

As the Koizumi administration solidifies plans for privatizing or abolishing special public corporations,specific measures will be rolled out in due time. With the end in sight for public corporationssuch as the Urban Development Corporation and Japan Regional Development Corporation, whichhave been responsible for housing projects and urban redevelopment programs in the postwar period, itis time for local public entities, residents as well as companies to seriously ponder the new roles forpublic and private sectors in community development.

This paper examines several examples from the U.S. of the progress being made in partnerships forcommunity development between NPOs and local governments, and considers their implications forJapan.

Social Development Research Department    Director

Fumio Shinohara

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