Japanese Property Market Quarterly Review First Quarter 2011-The Impact of the Great Eastern Japan Disaster-

Toru Matsumura 


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1. Downward Revision of Real GDP Growth
2. Impact of the Disaster Based on the Special Property Market Survey
3. Sub-sectors
4. Property Investment and J-REIT Markets
5. Confronting Disaster Risk: From Reconstruction to National Regeneration


In the wake of the Great Eastern Japan Disaster, the Japanese property market, which at long last was showing signs of growing improvement, now appears certain to suffer a widespread and long-term impact. In addition to the direct physical damage from the disaster, long-term concerns have arisen including the Tokyo over-concentration risk, nuclear accident risk, and possible downgrading of Japan’s property market by foreign investors. Amid the limited availability of data on post-disaster market conditions, we assess the current outlook for the property market based on our Special Property Market Survey conducted soon after the disaster. This is the English translation of Toru Matsumura, “http://www.nli-research.co.jp/report/misc /2011/fudo110426.pdf”, NLI Research Institute, Real Estate Analysis Report, April 26, 2011.

Toru Matsumura

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