Asian Money Inflows Boost Japan’s Property Market ~Market Participants Can Help by Improving Transparency~

mamoru masumiya 

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1. The Growing Asian Money Inflow: How Much and Why?
2. How to encourage more foreign money inflow-improvement of market transparency-
3. Transparency Improvement by Fund Managers and Institutional Investors
Final Note


As the presence of Asian economy is increasing in the world, even in the Japanese property investment market, Asian money inflow has become more noticeable and is expected to boost the market recovery.
In fact, not a few Asian investors have appeared on the list of major property transactions in 2010. With some discussion how to encourage more foreign money inflow, market transparency can be regarded as an area in which market participants can and should do a lot to improve. Even with certain long term issues, by making further efforts to improve market transparency, market participants can play a constructive role in encouraging more investment from abroad.

mamoru masumiya

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