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A Look at Global Environmental Problems from the Grass Roots Level-The Role of Information in Pro-Environmental Behavior-

1. IntroductionFive years after the global summit in Brazil, 1997 is proving to be a ...


Yuko Shozugawa

The Prospects for Strategic Outsourcing in Japan

Companies have recently been embracing outsourcing as an effective way to enhance efficie...


Osamu Kubotani

How Information Technology is Changing Business Trends

IntroductionOne of the key words emerging last year from the information society was "...


Shinji Kato

Pricing Strategies in the Service Sector- A Look at Price Competition in the Restaurant and Hotel Industries

SummaryIn the past few years, the prices of goods-particularly consumer goods-ha...


Naoko Nonoyama

Home Electronics Industry Pursues New Growth with Optimal Production Sites and Higher Value Added

SummaryIn the early 1990s, the audio-visual home electronics industry suffered f...


Yuji Yoshihisa

The Growing Presence of Japanese Non-Banks in Asia

SummaryJapanese non-banks are becoming increasingly active in Asia as they expand their c...


Masaki Masuda

How Companies Regard the Declining Population of Children --On the Effectiveness of Corporate Child Care Support Programs--

SummaryConcern over the decline in children has heightened the recognition of society&ap...


Emiko Takeishi

The Reentry of Women into the Labor Force - Accommodating Changes in the Labor Supply Situation to Ease the Transition -

In Japan, the women's labor force participation rate curve--which plots par...


Emiko Takeishi

The Management Awareness of Small and Medium Business Owners --Issues and Concerns of Owner-Managers in a Tumultuous Climate--

SummaryAs the business climate continues to worsen for small and medium-sized companies&...


Atsuko Kuribayashi

Cost and Profitability Restructuring of Japanese Companies --Current Status and Prospects--

SummaryThe success and speed of corporate restructuring activities in improving profita...


Masato Ono